Ethernet Wired Internet Connections

The debate over the fact that whether wired Ethernet connections are good or WIFI is better has been continuing for a long time now.While both have their own advantages and disadvantages, a majority of people prefer wired Ethernet connection. You can easily find an ethernet cable installer in your locality, which is one of the main contributing factors to its popularity.

Ethernet connections are basically of 2 types, the first is twisted pair Ethernet connection and the other is the optical fiber Ethernet connection. Depending on the service you opt for it can provide upto 10GBPS of speed.

The following are a few advantages of using Ethernet connections:

  • Speed and consistency – Ethernet connections don’t degrade with distance and allow coverage of a very large area without any effect on the speed of data transfer. Even under heavy load, Ethernet connection can perform well consistently as there is no use of wireless transfer of data.
  • Relatively cheaper than other options – One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this connection is the fact that it is very cheap to avail. Ethernet based connections are significantly lower in installation costs as well and there is little to no maintenance cost associated with this connection.
  • It is immune to noise – Noise can cause wireless connections to slow down but due to the fact that all the nodes in these connections have the same privileges, noise has little to no effect on the performance of these connections. You can connect multiple devices with a single connection and still the speed will be uniform across all the devices.