Importance Of Data Classification And Information Governance To Comply With GDPR

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the companies in Europe are finding it hard to protect the sensitive personal data of their organizations. The regulation demands the companies to prevent the data breach of any personal information of any employee.

What the companies need to do?

The companies need to prepare for the new regulation by understanding their obligations with respect to GDPR compliance and its accountability. Thera is much information about how you can protect the personal data of your organization. All you need to do is plan and avoid penalties in future.

The following information comes under the PII:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Passport number
  • Fingerprint
  • Date Of birth, and any such other information.

The various phases of data flow are:

Data detection

This is the first step to enable the PII to search for the required organization’s data. The EU suggests using an automated data search for this, as it would be an impossible task to do it manually. The information may be stored in various areas like the storages or the cloud. Also, if there is a data breach in the organization the company may have to pay heavy penalties for it.

Categorization of data

It involves the mining of data. The decision maker of the security needs to decide if he wants to block it, track it or send alerts. They need to identify the data and categorize them accordingly.


After tagging the data and categorizing them it can easily be tracked. This would enable the user to protect the personal data of the company. It lessens the data loss of the organization.

Artificial Intelligence

After performing all the above-mentioned steps, it screens out the outlier sensitive data and gives it an advanced protection to avoid any data breach in the company’s information


Saving Your Company From Cyber Crime Is Necessary

There is no doubt that the technology has progressed a lot but there are also miscreants that have made the internet a risky place to do business. There are a number of crimes that have taken place on the internet and this is the reason why it has become a must for all the website owners to ensure that they hire professionals for the purpose of cyber security.

cyber security problem

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